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You could easily do that

Have you ever come across something you enjoyed and which made you feel like you wanted to do something similar yourself?

If yes: rejoice, my friend! It may be easier than you think.

Sure, a lot depends on the thing itself. If that took a team of aerospace engineers, chances are you won’t be able to replicate it just by yourself.

But we’re all bestowed the gift of creativity, in a way or another. We can all craft some kind of stuff, regardless of what we think or other people say.

A personal anecdote

I have always been kind of clumsy – still am. For the first 30 years of my life, people told me I was not good with crafts, and I fully believed that. Until…

I have built (or helped build) quite a few things in Bulgaria: the first 2-3 that come to my mind are concrete stairs, a wooden library, and dry toilets.

That was my personal revenge, which was nice to have. But even better, it was a powerful, long-lasting, and I dare say life-changing mindset shift.

A simple blog

That’s an easy example, since you are here now. You are reading thoughts and stories from me (likely a perfect stranger), and you may be noticing that:

Well, websites could be quite complicated indeed. But they don’t have to. For reference, check out How to make a simple blog like this one (or even simpler).

It’s easier than you think. It’s cheaper than you think. And there are plenty of people willing to help you and even read what you’re going to write.

A key takeaway

You can do it. It doesn’t have to turn out as polished as a store-bought item or as complex as a well-resourced business project. You don’t even need a budget.

For extra motivation, I’ll share one last personal anecdote… and two songs!

I wanted to make this blog for a long time, and I kept postponing it for months. Then, it only took me a weekend. And I had lots of fun in the process.

Today I was reading a few posts from Taylor, whom I just discovered thanks to Manu’s People and Blogs awesome project.

At some point, I thought I had enough I wanted to say. I stopped reading and started writing. 30 minutes later, here I am – publishing this post.

It’s not perfect, but that’s not nearly the point. Speaking about perfect, here’s the first song: Not Perfect by Tim Minchin. I love the guy!

Now, if you know Spanish (or even if you don’t), you may want to check out an extremely talented songwriter who put this takeaway in words and music.

Ladies and gentlemen, and aliens too, and any other fellow galactic hitchhikers out there: I’m glad to introduce you to El Kanka – Sí que puedes.