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RSS (Feed + Info)

Mr. Bean smirk meme. Top text: Here’s my RSS feed. Bottom text: If you know what I mean.

Here’s my RSS feed, if you know what we’re talking about.

And if you don’t, let me give you an idea in less than a minute.


In a nutshell, with RSS you can manage your blog reading list super easily.

What to follow, where to read it, and when to fetch updates is up to you – not to an obscure algorithm with its own agenda (and zero fucks to give about you).

How to RSS

  1. Get an RSS feed reader app. I use Feeder, you do you.
  2. Add the stuff you want to follow.
  3. Profit, rinse, and repeat.

The only catch: no feed, no read. Which also makes for a great filter, if you ask me. More often than not, the stuff I’d want to follow is already RSS-friendly.

What’s RSS

Explaining RSS in one word is Really Simple: Syndication.

If that’s not helpful, you can Read Something Suitable below.

Ready? Simply Syndicate!

Finally, I can tell you too. Here’s my RSS feed! And now you know what I mean…

Mr. Bean smirking face.