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For, not about

It may seem counterintuitive, but your life is not about you. It is for you.

This is a thought I had just today, and it immediately started to make sense.

What I mean is: you are not the focus, you are the purpose.

A blatant example is a business website: it works so much better for you if you focus on your customers instead of making it all about yourself.

Moving the focus away from yourself can show you that what’s important to you may not matter at all to other people. And that’s liberating.

You don’t have to be trapped inside your mind, believing anything it tells you about yourself. It’s merely another opinion, just as arbitrary as the next one.

So, here’s the win-win: if no one gives a shit, you’re off the hook. And even if someone did (including yourself), why let anyone steal your joy?

After all, your life is not about you. Your life is for you.