Home – 42M


Updated: (What is a “now page”?)

In this period, I am:

Rethinking lots of things in my life

It’s a time for reflection. I am open to change. Let’s see what happens! πŸ€οΈ

Teaching Italian without teaching Italian

Basically, I help people practice my beautiful native language through one-to-one conversations plus active listening and sometimes bad jokes.

Kinda like the TEDx Teaching English without Teaching English, but with Italian.

Another difference is that Roberto Guzman is a full professor at the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla Campus, while I am but a humble galactic hitchhiker.

So yeah, if you want to improve your Italian, feel free to reach out.

Freelancing as a Simplicity Web Coach

Yes, that’s a perfectly valid job title. Not made up by me at all! 😜

My goal is to simplify people’s web sites through coaching plans and consultancy – ultimately helping them save time, money, and energy.

All of that doesn’t matter much if you’re not doing business. Pretty much everyone can just make a simple blog like this one (or even simpler).

But if you care about your bottom line, hiring people with expert knowledge is the best thing you can do to prevent costly mistakes and ensure peace of mind.

Need anything to do with simplicity, web, or both? Head over to my business site.

Coordinating a European Solidarity Corps project

Last October, my good friend Antonella from ComunitΓ  Circolare and I submitted a Citizen Science project proposal under the ESC programme.

In a nutshell, the main idea is to make DIY air quality monitors and gather data on the concentration of particulate matter (especially PM10 and PM2.5).

Our project got approved (first in national rankings!), and it has officially started in April. For more information, check out ScienziAria (italian only).

Learning to dance Lindy Hop

Last February I started attending a Lindy Hop course.

I’m excited about it, I’m still quite terrible, and I’m having a blast.

Unfortunately, classes are over for now. I think they’ll resume after September.

(As an aside: I always thought dancing just wasn’t my thing. I was wrong. Think you’re bad at something? Don’t despair. You can still learn and have a ball!)

Blogging here and there

I am mostly prioritizing other activities, although as usual there’s plenty I’d like to write – and it’s also about time to implement a few long-overdue tweaks.

Speaking of, I’d still love to start working on another blog – one that’s been on my mind (and heart) for too many years now.

Don’t hold your breath. But I feel the urge is intensifying.

Taking care of myself

…or at least I’m trying! 😊️

It’s time to get back to daily meditation and physical exercise. Lately, I’ve been neglecting them. At the moment, I’m quite happy about everything else.

It’s all too easy to forget about self-care. So, here’s reminder:

Selling stuff and decluttering

After putting it off for way too long, I finally decided to declutter.

Since I last moved, I found a lot of stuff. Most of it is in good condition and still potentially useful, so I’m trying to sell it.

I’ll give the rest away for free or, if I can’t do even that, I’ll toss it. But if it has any kind of sentimental value, I’ll digitize it first (as a keepsake).

It’s not super urgent though, so I guess it’ll still take me a few more months.

Living in the south east of Italy

Until I move again! 😁️