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Updated: (What is a “now page”?)

In this period, I am:

Decluttering and selling stuff

I’ve recently moved, and I’m taking this opportunity to declutter (after putting it off for way too much time).

Most of the stuff I want to give away is in good condition and potentially useful, so I’m trying to sell it.

The rest I either give it away for free or, if I can’t do even that, I toss it, digitizing it (as a keepsake) if it may have any kind of sentimental value.

Working as a Simplicity Web Coach

Yes, that’s a perfectly valid job title – not made up by me at all! 😜

I set out to simplify people’s web sites through coaching to help them:

All of that doesn’t matter much if you’re not doing business. Pretty much everyone can just make a simple blog like this one (or even simpler).

But if you’re a freelancer or solopreneur, rookie mistakes will cost you dearly. Hiring people who have expert knowledge is often the best thing you can do.

Need anything to do with simplicity, web, or both? Head over to my business site.

Teaching Italian without teaching Italian

Basically, I teach through one-to-one conversations and active listening.

Kinda like the TEDx Teaching English without Teaching English, but with Italian.

Another difference is that Roberto Guzman is a full professor at the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla Campus, while I am but a humble galactic hitchhiker.

So yeah, if you want to practice Italian and get better at it, feel free to reach out.

Running a European Solidarity Corps project

I started working on this last October, mostly with my good friend Antonella from Comunità Circolare.

We submitted a Citizen Science project proposal under the ESC programme to make and install DIY air quality monitors in Altamura.

Officially, our project will kick off in April. But we just can’t stay put. So we’ve already started meeting people, brainstorming ideas, and arranging stuff.

Besides that, I’m considering investing a bit more time and effort into Youth Work and the Erasmus+ Programme as a representative of Comunità Circolare.

Blogging here and there

Well, not much, actually. I am prioritizing the activities above, even though as usual I have plenty thoughts that are good candidate to become blog posts.

Also, I’d still love to start working on a blog that’s been on my mind (and heart) for a few years now, although I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

(But I could be wrong, as always, and this time I really hope it is the case!)

Taking good care of myself

…or at least I’m trying! 😊️

My routines kinda collapsed recently, but that’s ok. I went through many changes, it takes time to adapt, and I surely don’t mean to stress about it.

Anyhow, it’s all too easy to forget about self-care. So, here’s reminder:

Living in the south east of Italy

Until I move again! 😁️